Group Meeting Hahn Research Group Spring 09:   Here we are at Dover Downs going over lab rules and schedules. (and coincidentally eating at  the same time).   From left: Alex, Candice, Jose, Dr. Hahn, Stephanie. Napreet is not in this picture because he joined the research group after this meeting.  (Spring 09) standing around getting pictures taken after group meeting (inside the Dover Downs casino on our way back from eating):   from left Stephanie, Dr. Hahn, Candice, Jose   Alex had to finish his paper so he left a little early. (Spring 09)
After "solving skin cancer", "developing drugs to solve alzheimer's disease" and "developing an alternative to silicon computer data storage" problem in one afternoon, and helping all students ace the exam (Christen), the heros "all you can eat".  (from left:   Logan Mears, Tayyaba Toseef, Sam Noviscky, Christen Dillard, Dr. Hahn, Sam Koonce)  (Fall '08)


Standing in formation in the Hahn Research Lab (from left front row:  Dr.Hahn, Tayyaba, Sam N. from left back row: Sam K., Christen Dillard, Logan) (Fall '08)


Dr. Hahn re-sets up the schlenk line in the hood during summer '08 after buying additional research equipment to complete the schlenk line.   The hood is about 3 feet off the ground.   The advantage of being small is that you can fit into small spaces.   The disadvantage of being small is that you cannot reach things.     This scene was followed by about 7 band-aids on two hands for about 2 weeks. (Summer I '08)



Group meeting during winter '08.   From left Dr. Hahn, Christen Dillard, Logan Mears and Timothy Hokett. (Winter '08)

working hard in the Hahn research lab:   from left:  Logan, Tayyaba & Sam K. (Summer II '08)
mini-group meeting in Hahn Research Lab:   Tayyaba, Dr. Hahn, Sam K., Logan (Summer II '08)


Hahn Group using the departmental 400 MHz FT NMR:  (from left) Nicole Williams, Tayyaba, Logan, Sam K. Dr. Hahn   (Summer II, '08) running a photochemical reaction in the Hahn Research Lab:   (from left)    Tayyaba, Logan, Sam K. (Summer II, '08)